Favourites | May 2017

It’s that time of the month — favourites coming throuuugh!

I recently organized my post schedule to keep track on writing. I’ve decided not to slack off anymore and try my best to post weekly to stay productive. So here I am, pushing through my monthly faves 🙂

There’s not much new product in this set as I’ve been finishing a few of them before they turn bad. Makeup isn’t cheap so wasting products isn’t really in my dictionary.


Let’s start off with base. I’ve been skipping primer for the past few weeks and started incorporating mists as my base. The reason behind this is because I feel like I’ve been piling on a ton in prepping my skin alone. I didn’t really like the heavy feel it gives my skin especially on a hot, Philippine weather. This Gahuisu Moist up water Mist doesn’t really work well on setting the makeup but it’s amazing as primer. I let it dry completely before applying my foundation with my Beauty Blender Nude and it gives a flawless finish without me looking like a pancake face.


This NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder made it to my underrated products list. This is perfect if you just want to fill in your sparse brows without overdoing them. Instagram brows are so two thousand and late. Natural brows is the new black.

Can we talk about this NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for a second? The hype is real. This concealer NEVER creased on me. It’s creamy yet sets into a matte finish. Just remember to hydrate your undereyes a few minutes before application as it has the tendency to look dry and cakey, but overall, this product is amaze-balls.


Another one that made it to my list is this BH Cosmetics Satin Bronzer.  The warmth is a match for my NC40 skin and I haven’t been putting this down ever since. It’s buttery soft resulting to powdery kick-ups but still a gorgeous bronzer. This is a must-try, you guys!


Who doesn’t love a mauve lipstick? Mauve is such a beautiful shade that suits every skin tone. MAC Mehr is my all-time favourite everyday MLBB lipstick. I’ve been destashing my MACs as I’ve been slowly turning cruelty-free yet I still can’t let go of this one and my Fashion Revival. They’re that good.


That’s it for May! What have you been loving lately? Share them in the comments 🙂





11 thoughts on “Favourites | May 2017

    1. The NARS concealer is a hit or miss. Some like it, some don’t. Maybe because it’s too dry on the undereyes, but with consistent eye cream, I managed to work it out and it never creased at least on my skin.


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