Underrated Products You Should Know

The beauty industry is indeed overwhelming. Throw in new releases left and right that most of the good ones aren’t given much love they deserve. I confess, the luxury addict that I am tends to be lured into those fancy brands that I don’t regret buying even if they’re ridiculously overpriced. But as a blogger, it requires me to constantly test on everything  and also appreciate the beauty of drugstore.

I rummaged through my makeup collection and came up with 11 products that are worth a whirl. These underdogs not only delivers but they’re also at a killer price.

Let’s gloss into these pretties, shall we?


Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette (P1,106) is consists of 10 generously-sized shadows that’s easy to wear. It’s a mix of mattes, satins, and shimmers so you’ll have everything you need for a full look. Though I expected it to somehow smell like chocolate and failed, I was pleasantly surprised with the formulation and pigmentation it gave me. If you’re a beginner to makeup yet want quality shadows, this is perfect for you!

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer (P280) If there’s a budget-friendly primer I could recommend for my oily-skin babes — this is it! It feels like a moisturizer that eventually sets into a velvet finish. I wasn’t sure at first but when I slept on this while wearing a full beat, I woke up and my makeup looks the same as the first time I applied it. All thanks to my friend Rix for introducing me to this amazing primer!

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (P390) I wasn’t always a big fan of bold Instagram brows and I don’t think I’ll ever be. I love them natural as possible. This is why I tend to use powder most of the time and this NYX Eyebrow Cake is my favourite. It matches my black hair perfectly without being overdone. My eyebrow routine is usually lining the top and bottom brow then filling them in with the powder.

NYX Lipsticks (P300-400) These lipsticks deserve more recognition as they’re as good as the luxury ones. They also come in a wide range of colours from nudes to bolds. If you haven’t tried these yet, where have you been?

BH Cosmetics Satin Bronzer (P420) Bronzers are my thing. Together with highlighter, they’re a match made in heaven. This bronzer gives you the most natural warm finish as if you’ve been bathing in the sun’s gloriousness. They’re not as pigmented but that’s what I prefer so I have time to build them up rather than blending the crap out of a pigmented one. These are so soft resulting to more kick-ups, though I found that they’re less if you use a synthetic brush.

J.Cat Double sided Brow Brush (P225) The reason I got this brush is mainly because I don’t want to spend a ton on the ABH one, and I’m glad I did. It has the regular spoolie and the brow brush on the other end is thin that it can create easy hair-like strokes.


Korean brand Brow Pencils (P88-150) A good brow product is a staple on every girl’s kit. I’ve been recently loving these Korean brands that I actually hoard them. No regrets. They’re beginner-friendly so you can create beautiful brows without putting on too much effort. These also come in refills so you don’t need to worry if you ran out.

Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour (P1,550) To say I’m in love with these is an understatement. They’re packed with pigments and so comfortable on the lips with moisturizing mango butter in a satin matte finish. These glide on effortlessly and the shades are stunning!

Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge (P560) I have a full review on this beauty sponge and you may read it here.

Sparkle Cosmetiks Red & Black Silky Loose Powder (P380) As the name states, this powder is incredibly silky. I can’t stop touching my face once I put this on. It’s as smooth as a baby’s bum! This is a bit sheer that any skin tone can use it to set the makeup. I prefer this one better than Nichido. This is definitely a must-try from the brand!

Sparkle Cosmetiks Dazzling Highlight (P250) Want blinding highlights? This is definitely for you! It’s as intense as the ABH Glow Kits without spending a lot. I wear this on special occasions where I feel like being extra. It’s as if the makeup gods poured pixie dust on my cheeks!

What are your underrated products? Comment them below.




13 thoughts on “Underrated Products You Should Know

      1. Yup, sis! Been checking it out nga kasi I’ve been eyeing on their green lipstick haha! Pero P180 SF naisip ko parang pareho lang ng fare. Kapag nakadaan na lang sa BGC, tsaka ko na lang puntahan hehe!! Bet ko ung brush kasi nagustuhan mo rn sya, pwedeng dupe for ABH na omg ang price haha!

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