10 Beauty Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

I’ve listed 10 foolproof beauty hacks that’ll help make your day to day life easier. These shortcuts will save you so much time getting ready. Hope you find these useful.

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1. Extend the wear of your manicure by completely drying them before you apply another coat. Your polish should stay on for about 2 weeks without chipping and retouching.


2. No brow mascara? No problem. Tame your unruly brow hairs into place by applying balm. The balm will keep hold of it throughout the day.


3. We all know how putting falsies can be difficult especially when you’re a beginner. It’s easier when you cut the lashes into three parts then pop it in.

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4. Up late nights? Soy milk to the rescue! De-puff your eyes with cotton rounds soaked in cold soy milk. The cold temperature and anti-inflammatory proteins will shrink your blood vessels to reduce blood shot eyes and decrease puffiness.

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5. Create your own setting spray by mixing in three parts water and one part aloe vera gel. Pour it in a bottle with a good spray and shake well. These are just as good as the store-bought ones.

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6. Prevent overplucking by staying away from magnification mirrors. Stay one foot away from the mirror to avoid messing up your brows.

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7. Make your perfume linger and last longer by putting on unscented lotion first. Oily complexions holds the scent much longer while dry skin weakens them.


8. Switch your regular soap to conditioner when shaving your legs. Shave them downwards then upwards for smoother results.

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9. Keep lipstick off your teeth by using a flipped spoon. Do not use your finger as you may unknowingly wipe it on your clothes.


10. Shrink your pimples by applying Listerine before you sleep. Dip a cotton swab onto the mouthwash and directly dab on the pimple. It’s antibacterial and it dries them out overnight.

Got something to add? Share them in the comments. xx




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