Review: Sparkle Cosmetiks 5-piece Rose Gold Paddle Brush Set

Sparkle Cosmetiks is a Philippine local brand that offers quality beauty products in a reasonable price. They came out with their own version of oval brushes like those from Artis which has been the rave of the beauty community for the past year.

Despite all the rave on social media, I never jumped on the bandwagon and buy myself odd-looking brushes that resembles a toothbrush simply because I have a ton of the regular ones. Fast forward, my friend Hope Cruz Leal who’s an ambassador of the said brand sent me these as a birthday present.


Right of the bat, the classy vintage rose gold and black colour caught my eye. The bristles are soft to the touch and on the face. I found the rubber handle ingenious so it won’t slip and slide whenever you’re using them.

L-R   Brush A, B, C, D, and E.

Since these doesn’t have any names or numbers, I’ll just name them (from left to right) A-E so we all follow.

The Brush A is an oval-shaped large brush for applying liquid or cream such as foundation and cream contour. It blended out my foundation FLAWLESSLY. It’s quick and absorbs less product unlike the sponges that the first time I tried it, I was in full blown coverage!

I use Brush B for setting my face with loose powder. It distributes the powder without moving the foundation underneath if you just lightly tap it instead of swirl. It can also be used for blending out cream-based products or baking the face.

Brush C is the perfect size for the undereyes. I apply my concealer with it. Also works on the hard to reach crevices of the face like the sides of the nose.

Brush D is something I love for my nose contour. It creates a thin line and blends it evenly. This brush can also create crisp lines for eyeliner on fleek .

Last but not least, the smallest of the bunch – Brush E. It has a round top that makes lipstick application a piece of cake.


Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of these brushes. I’ve always thought the paddle brushes are just a gimmick that was hyped but I was entirely mistaken. I’m a firm Beauty Blender believer until this came along and I can confidently say that it performs just as well. Though you still need a few brushes for a complete look, these are definitely worth a try! The set retails for P700 and is a good value for your money.

You may visit their branches at StarMall Edsa Mandaluyong, StarMall Las Piñas, and VistaMall Taguig. You may also contact them via Facebook Sparkle Cosmetiks or Instagram @sparklecosmetiks.

You know the drill; if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I would gladly assist you.




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