Instagram Feed Revealed

It’s crazy how technology has benefited mankind thus improving the quality of life. Nowadays, everyone is likely on social media. Instagram is my personal favourite. I could go hours scrolling through pictures of beauty accounts for flatlay inspirations. Today I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to achieve just that. From what camera I use, techniques, and editing. So enough babbling and let’s start, shall we?


A Flatlay is a variety of objects laying flat presented in a photo to convey a story or for advertisement.

Let there be Light

First and foremost, you’ll need good lighting. Natural light is best when taking the perfect picture. They then become clearer and less grainy, capturing precise details and colours. I personally prefer shooting in daylight outdoors. I stay away from the heat of the sun and snap in the shade to lessen the shadows. On rainy days, I rarely shoot but when I do, I find myself a well-lit window.

Behind the Scenes

Background is essential. As much as possible, I keep my base blanc to give emphasis on the object. You may use a white table top, cardboard, foam boards, marble counter, magazines, faux fur, etc.. Anything white is fine for a minimalistic feel.


The Little Things

Props are the add-ons to spice up your flatlay. They’re also included to fill up the negative (empty) spaces. These could be anything like notebooks, beads, flowers, glitters, ribbons, accessories and the list goes on..

Snap & Shoot

Not everyone can afford DSLRs or a high-end camera. Fortunately, almost everyone now owns a smartphone with higher megapixels and that’ll do just fine. Sometimes I prefer shooting on my digital camera on Object Highlight mode while most of the time on my 13 MP smartphone. I find that it’s ideal and timesaving when I capture and edit on my phone at the same time.

The number 1 rule on photography is cleaning your lense. No kidding. Trust me, it makes a world of a difference. Always shoot without flash and take as many pictures in different angles and choose one that you like best then carry on.

Theme – Select a theme according to your personality or lifestyle. I like to keep things simple and organized  so I went for the monochrome, less saturated, and minimalistic feed.

Colour Palette – I also love to add pop of colours that are not overpowering. Placing the main object in the center and grab pieces of makeup that’s on the same shade range hence the picture above which is a ‘peach and gold mix’.


Autofocus – On your smartphone, tap on the image where you want to focus on. This blurs out everything in the background making your pictures look professionally done.

Alter Matter

Here comes the tricky part. Your background may not always end up as bright as you want it to be, my solution is to lighten it with the Snapseed app. Click on Open > Select Photo > Pen button > Selective then tap on the picture and swipe right to whiten and swipe left to darken. After that, I’d also do last minute changes like +contrast, +sharpen, -saturation on the Instagram app itself.


Make your mark

Before you post your final photo, it is necessary that you watermark them first. Stamp on your name using the Text Tool on the Snapseed App. There you’ll find a ton of fonts and images you can edit so your audience can identify your work.

There you have it! If you have more tips to share, don’t forget to comment them below 🙂

Cheers, XX


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