10 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Sharing my tried and tested hacks to achieve flawless makeup. Definitely #GAMECHANGER worthy and easy to follow. Tell me in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these. You’re welcome.

1. Slather On


I can’t stress enough how important it is to moisturize on the daily regardless of your skin type. No exceptions. Believe me, you’ll thank me later on. Given that it has hydrating properties, it also smoothens dry flaky areas for your foundation to go on a lot easier. It also protects the skin from harmful environmental factors such as sun damage and the likes.

2. Prime Time


Never ever skip primer. Aside from creating a smooth canvas base and help keep your makeup last longer, it also acts as a barrier from all the products you’re packing onto your skin. I also like to prep my brows with primer so it won’t fade and slide off at the end of the day.

3. Orange Is The New Black


Not referring to the TV show but about Color Correcting. If you have dark undereyes, an orange or peach (NOT RED) corrector/concealer counteracts the darkness. Apply corrector first then follow up with your favorite concealer and notice a huge difference.

4. All About That Base


Make your colors pop by using an eyeshadow primer. Apply pressed powder or an eyeshadow close to your skintone after as it helps with the blending to go on smoothly and not patchy. Another trick is using a WHITE cream base for mattes and BLACK for shimmers to make it stand out.

5. Business Card Trick


Avoid Mascara mess using a business card to cover your eyelids. If you struggle with creating the perfect cat-eye, you can also use the side of the card to create a sharp line for winged liner.

6. Fade No More

Image Source

If you’re having problems with foundation wearing off your nose most of the time then try this..

Instead of your usual face primer, replace it with an eyeshadow primer (just on the nose) then followed by a setting spray. Apply your foundation in a stippling motion and press powder on top to seal it all in. Remember not to apply too much for you’re layering the products and you don’t want it to look cakey.

7. Spider Lashes


Long and flirty lashes without clumps? Easy. Curl and coat with your favorite mascara then brush through with a clean spoolie and you’re left with the most natural-looking lashes ever!

8. Get Your Bake On

Image Source

Baking as popularized by Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is basically setting your makeup with translucent powder to achieve a creaseless, flawless finish. Baking is also an effective way to catch eyeshadow fallouts so it won’t ruin your makeup.

How to “bake”?

First apply an eye cream and wait for 3-5 minutes to absorb the moisture. Follow up with your concealer or corrector if needed. Use a damp blender/sponge and dab on a generous amount of powder to set. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and dust it off.

9. Lipliner Effect


Achieve naturally plump lips with your lipliner. Overline just a tad outside the lips and define your cupid’s bow by drawing an “X” on the top lip. I also recommend filling in your lips with the lipliner so that your lipstick stays on longer and gradually fade into a lipstain.

10. Magic Papers


Touch-up your face with blotting papers instead of packing on more powder. This soaks up all the extra sebum on your skin without looking cakey and without moving your makeup. Remember to just gently press it on areas where you’re usually oily like the T-zone and cheeks. DAB, DO NOT WIPE.

You know the drill; if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I would gladly assist you.



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