The Terrors of Knockoff Cosmetics

Makeup has been a part of a woman’s daily routine. Whether its a few basics like mattifying the face with powder or just a swipe of your favorite lip balm. You can create endless looks with it as there are countless brands in the market — from drugstore to high-end, organic to cruelty-free, and the list goes on. But then there’s what we call “SG Authentic”. Wanna know more about it? Then read on…

What is it?



SG Authentic or Singapore Authentic is a name given to products such as cosmetics to mask the word ‘fake’. They are what some would call as “Class A Replica” and the sad news is that they’re all over the place.

What’s in it?

Bear in mind that these knockoffs are applied onto your skin, face specifically, and you don’t wanna know what’s in there; but I’ll tell you anyway…

Counterfeit cosmetics are found to have harmful, gross ingredients such as human urine, cockroach parts, and rat poop. Imagine those getting absorbed by your face (eew). It may also contain arsenic, mercury, and lead which can cause breakouts and allergic reactions.

How to spot fake makeup?

It gets difficult everytime as most of them are really similar to the real deal nowadays. First of, you can find almost everything in the internet so might as well use it for research purposes.

  • Price: Right of the bat, if an item is insanely cheap, you bet it’s counterfeit. For example, an original MAC lipstick retails for 850+ and a fake sells for just 100. See the huge difference there? If that is the case, walk away.
  • Packaging: Brands differ by their appearance. Some are minimalist and some has the most adorable packaging. It’s also their way to set apart from others. Ask the seller for actual photos and pay attention to details like shade name and font. This way, you can distinguish which are fake just by looking at their boxes and packaging.
  • Color/Formula: This could be the hardest part if you’re purchasing online. If you don’t have the original one, it’s really hard to tell. Again, the internet is your bestfriend. Do further research. I suggest that you ONLY buy from your trusted sellers. If it’s your first time and if you don’t know any, I got your back girl! I’ll link it here.


People don’t realize the dangers of using these kind of products since nothing worst has ever happened to them YET. Do you seriously believe that these are just cheap and doesn’t come with a price? Please please please, don’t risk yourself by purchasing fake products for the sake of bragging. You have the option of buying drugstore makeup if you don’t have the budget. Prevention is always better than cure. There are no gray areas between original and fake. Time to ditch those replicas and let’s unite on supporting 100% Authentic makeup!

You know the drill; if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I would gladly assist you.



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