Common Makeup Disasters

It’s okay. We’ve all been there. Everybody makes mistakes and there’s always room for error. In this article, I will be stating common makeup mistakes and share what I’ve learned over time. Note that I’m not an expert, so these are some acquired information that I’ve learned during my years of doing makeup on myself and on others.

It is not in my slightest intention to offend and bash people but instead, just to give them a few pointers on how to wear makeup the proper way. So enough with the rambling and let’s get right to it!

1. Wrong Foundation Match


One out of many Filipina frustration is having light skin. This is why Whitening products are so popular in our country. I, myself, am obsessed with these. For us, lighter skin is equivalent to beauty, and we purposely buy foundation two to three shades lighter than our natural color. I’m not gonna lie, I am guilty of this back when I was just starting out. YouTube wasn’t present at that time and I had no reference to follow. If you’re a newbie, you might want to ask help from the brand consultant AKA saleslady to shade match you. Don’t be shy, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s their job to assist you.

2. Cakey Face


Same as foundation, get the right shade. On application, always use a light hand (using a sponge) in a dabbing/patting motion. Do not drag or wipe. That’s the whole point of naming it “Pressed”. Dust it ever so lightly on areas that needs it most like the T-zone area where you get oily most of the time.

3. One liner Brows


Brows are arches that frames the face. If you watch cartoons, you’ll probably notice that most villains have Black, overdrawn, one-liner brows that’s supposed to make them look evil and we don’t want that, do we? Our goal here is to achieve natural-looking brows. So first, identify your brow shape. Pick a shade that compliments your hair color. Fill them in with short hair-like strokes and brush them with a spoolie to blend.

4. Bright/Neon Eyeshadows


There’s nothing wrong with colorful eyeshadows as long as you don’t wear them for everyday. Stick to neutrals for appropriate daytime glam. You can still add bright ones as a pop of color. The key is not to overdo it and blend for a seamless eye look.

5. Amy Winehouse liner


Applying liner is very tricky. I remember the first time using it and hell, it was a nightmare. Liners differ from pencil, liquid, and gel. If it’s your first time, I suggest you go for a pencil liner and then work your way up. Keep it subtle and perfect for everyday. It actually took me years of practice just to make the “perfect wing”. Don’t fret, you’ll master the art of feline flick eventually.

6. Popping blushed cheeks


There is no rule on how to pick the right shade of blusher. You can choose whatever color you like as long as you’re happy with it. However, some people tend to go overboard. Just apply the right amount of blusher to your cheekbones creating natural flushed cheeks and a more lifted effect.

BEAUTY TIP: We were told to apply blush while smiling on the apples of the cheeks but this only works for young people. For matured skin, the problem with this technique is that it’ll look droopy, low down, and near the mouth which is not a pretty sight. Follow the two-finger rule, which is basically placing two of your fingers on the side of your nostrils. The fingers will act as a gap to where NOT to apply your blusher.

7. Obvious Nose Contour


Because most Filipinas are not blessed with tall, pointy noses, we “fake it” by drawing lines on each side. I, too am addicted to contouring to lose these extra pounds without the struggle of diet and exercise. I mean, who has time for that? Haha! Our objective here is to blend the contour to make it look like we have natural skinny noses and sunken cheekbones without anyone noticing you have something on.

8. Uber Bright Lips


Bright and bold lips are always on trend. From regular lipsticks, lipglosses, and the most hyped at the moment — the liquid lipsticks. There can never be too many, yet picking the right shade for your skin color can be too overwhelming. The secret is balance. If you choose a smokey eye, pair it with MLBB (My Lips But Better) or a wearable nude shade and vice versa. Stay away from uber light colors, they tend to wash you out and may appear as if you’re sick.

Remember that there is no rule in makeup. You can wear it however you like though just keep in mind that overdoing it may not look as beautiful as you pictured it’ll be. Less is always more. Makeup should enhance your best features. Wear it confidently. It should still be you but an upgraded version of yourself ❤️

*Photo credits to the respective owners and Google*

You know the drill; if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I would gladly assist you.



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